Phone FAQs

  • Why does my phone ring after I disconnect from a call?

    This is a feature on your phone line called Ringback, which indicates that you have a New Voice Mail.  To access the message press *98 on your phone and follow the prompts. If you wish to disable this feature please call Mitchell Telecom @ 605-990-1000.

  • Why do I hear a broken dial tone when I pick up my phone?

    This Dial Tone indicates that you have a new Voice Mail Message. To access the message dial *98 on your phone and follow the prompts

  • How do I access my Voice Mails away from home?

    Dial 990-MAIL and follow the prompts. Default password is "0000" unless changed by customer. NOTE: This is a local call within Mitchell - If you are outside of Mitchell call 605-990-MAIL.


  • How do I answer Call Waiting?

    When you hear the Call Waiting indicator while your on the phone. Press the Flash button or depress the Flash Hook for a split second to switch calls. Repeat the same function to return to the first call.

  • I have no dial tone on any of my phones?

    The first thing that you will want to check is that all phones are on hook. If all phones are on hook and you still do not have dial tone please get a hold of the Mitchell Telecom Business Office at 605-990-1000 or the Mitchell Telecom Trouble Line at 605-990-1111. You can also stop by the Mitchell Telecom Business Office at 1801 N Main St inside the Palace Mall.

  • How do I contact Mitchell Telecom if the FAQ doesn't answer my questions?

    You can call us at 605-990-1000


    Stop by our office at 1691 N Main in Mitchell




    Email us at

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